Can perform flexible exploratory analysis, randomization testing and bootstrap resampling with multivariate data. It can handle qualitative, quantitative and mixed data types, offering several options for data transformation, resemblance measures, ordination and clustering techniques.

Integrated to the exploratory tools, MULTIV can do fast randomization testing in univariate or multivariate comparisons between groups of sampling units defined by one or more factors, the latter being especially useful in the analysis of variance due to factor and interaction effects in experimental and survey data. In addition, MULTIV can perform the multiresponse permutation procedure (MRPP). Randomization tests are also available for pair-wise comparisons of variables.

MULTIV can do bootstrap resampling to generate empirical confidence limits useful in estimation, to evaluate group partition sharpness in cluster analysis and to evaluate the significance of ordination dimensions. Bootstrap resampling is integrated with process sampling for examining sampling sufficiency. See related publications below.

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